The Most Important Reasons Why Most Ladies Are Still Single

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 Single and searching.

And really,this is one question most single ladies who are still single and searching keep asking each and everyone of themselves. ''Why am I still single?''

You might have all that the society seem to require for a lady to be attracted to suitors and make her choice with whom among them to settle down with.

Education? You have it.Beauty? It's in you. Employment? You are not searching for. Good character and good look,you are not in want at all. Yes,you are still single and searching!

That is for the ladies. For the men who think that being a man means they can always get a woman of their choices when they are ready for marriage,they soon discover that that belief is fantasy and irony.

When men are ready to settle down with women they are in love with,they discover that women are really scars. It's either the ladies they approach for marriage tell them they are already taken or ask them to give them more time to think about it while they are busy with someone else.

Most of these men on the same hand lack nothing. Good jobs and everything it takes to be a man,they have. Yet,when they want to settle down with some women they admire and like to build families with,they are turned down! Why am I still single?

Singleness is a gift for some people and not a problem at all. This is to say that everyone would not get married as long as he or she may live. Yes,some people are made to be single for life,even when opposite sex are lurking around them,they are not interested!

If you have the choice to marry,if you really long to have a soulmate who would call you sweet heart and rob your backs and shoulders,then you are not part of those who have singleness as a gift.

These people don't think about marriage or having someone as husband or wife. The thought of having someone call them sweet heart and rob their backs never make sense to them. They simply do not long or cry for it,and so they do not ask the question: ''Why am I still single?''

The question above is for those who long to marry but have not been able to have a mate. Even when they change their choices from the best of their kinds,they still see no suitors coming their way.
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And to worsen the situation,girls who are not even of the age are the ones getting married and they wonder the more why?

Despite all they have acquired,they just find out that marriage mates do not come based on what one has acquired in life nor by luck or fortune,but by time and circumstances.

Dear single ladies,keep calm and keep healthy looks. Stop forcing things to happen and simply live your life positively.

If your desire to have something is there but your needs are not met,take cold water and remain calm ( My grandmother would say).

If possible,go on holidays somewhere,change environment for a while to take a fresh breath and watch things take their turns!!!

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