South African Man Killed Parent,Brother And Injured Sister Makes Troubles In Court. See Here

Axe murderer Henri van Breda has been sentenced to three life sentences. (File)

A young South African young man who came from a very wealthy home has murdered his mother and father along with his brother. The remaining of his family his sister he almost killed but she was so fortunate to escape death from his hand.

He is Henri Van Breda and he is 23 years old now.

In court,every effort to know why Henri murdered his parent,brother and attempted to kill his sister failed.

Henri was emotionless and speechless. 

"They were attacks involving a high degree of uncontrolled violence. The victims were unarmed (and) they faced an axe-wielding son or brother, probably not expecting the worst," says Judge Desai . 
He continued: 
"We have heard no explanation... you have shown no remorse."
''Each murderous attack on a family is a severe crime and warrants the severest punishment".
For the attempted murder of his sister,Henri bagged 15 years imprisonment.To worsen the situation in court,Henri denied he did not kill his parent and brother. Yes,he again bagged 12 months in jail for count obstruction.
His Defence lawyer Pierter Batha called for ''mercy sentencing'' arguing that his client was barely 20 years when he killed his family.
The defence council says that Henri has been in counselling for six months and was probably emotional when he committed the murder and has been going on medication for depression and epilepsy.
Unfortunately,Judge has described Henri verdict as ''inescapable''.
As it stands,Henri Breda has gotten 3 life sentencing .

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