Single Ladies Can You Do This? Declaring You Are Searching For Boyfriend?

Guys, this pretty Nigerian lady is in search of a boyfriend

You see,it is not that Ogoo Jenifer is searching for a husband but she says she is searching for a boyfriend. Yes,just a boyfriend!

But is anything wrong with single ladies who really need either boyfriends or husbands to come out and post on walls that they need husbands or boyfriends?

A lot of Nigerian celebrities have done it and some are still doing it. Actress Eucharia Anuobi did it and she is doing it again.Blogger Linda Ikeji did it and it seems she 's gotten one from the search. An honorable member of Ebonyi state house of Assembly also did the same even giving a criteria of the kind of man she wanted . In fact thousands of single ladies in search of either husbands or boyfriends have advertised,posted and told friends about their need for lovers and soulmates.And recently,a Twitter user whose name is Ogoo Jenifer just did!

Guys, this pretty Nigerian lady is in search of a boyfriend

So the question: Is anything wrong with posting or declaring you are searching for a boyfriend or husband?

The question is not for White people because we know the answer is absolutely NO for them.Their ladies can always easily approach any man of their choice for a relationship . And it is very acceptable in their culture. But in Africa,it is no no no no!

Single ladies can you do this? Posting you are searching for boyfriends?

If you are single and really need a life mate,a lover,boyfriend or husband and you are still doubting if it it a responsible or a reasonable thing to do,then we would say to you: ''You are not yet serious!'' You are not sure yet!! And very soon,you will hear that Ogoo Jenifer who has just made and declared her need for a boyfriend known to the whole wide world is getting married to a lover boy!!

Yes,only bold and strong single ladies can do this! It is not for fragile and gullible kinds!!!

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