See How Men Get Urge For S*x And Later They Would Call Satan

What is?Odunlade Adekola staring at in this photo?

What is this Yoruba actor looking at? The lady in question is not even his girlfriend,just that she was sitting beside him.

Is Odunlade Adekola okay? Never knew he has all these big eyes and could only be opened wide when they see women something!

Hmm,and the woman self,what am I even saying? Sebi she brought it out for him to see abi? Sorry Adekola. It's not your fault,but nawa oo,at least you should have helped yourself naw. What are you going to do now after seeing it? Of course you could not touch it,but you could feel it!!

Continue looking. Don't remove your eyes from there. You see danger and you don't want to jump and pass eh? Tomorrow you would say it is Satan!!!

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