Is President Buhari Giving Up His Ambition As He Called For Meeting,Thanking His Media Group For Supporting Him? Read His Speech

2019: President Buhari meets his media support group, says

Yesterday being Friday the very 1st of June 2018,president Mohammadu Buhari met his media organization at the presidential villa. At the meeting,he began thanking them for their support to him despite the fact that his administration is one so difficult to defend.

Even though Mr president did not disclose to members of his media group the reason he called for the meeting and thanking them he emphasized that defending him and his government is no easy task.

Read below Mr.Presidents speech of gratitude to his media group:

''I don’t think I can thank you enough for your steadfastness under very difficult circumstances. It is not easy to defend this administration and more importantly, to defend me. But your consistency is giving me a lot of confidence and I know you are paying the price physically, mentally and materially because the opposition now is sitting on incredible resources, which I’m afraid we cannot get at it all. 
For that reason, they are sponsoring mischief from different angles, which in spite of the incumbency of the government, we cannot absolutely stop that. It is you people, that are quietly and openly fighting it and I cannot thank you enough for that.''

Mr.President also added to his media group that Nigerians will always remain grateful for their courage:

''And in this country,whether people like it or not,they will remain grateful for your courage because you have the courage to do research,take your time to reply the mischievous representation and we are very grateful''!

Hmm,this sounds like a farewell speech. But why is Mr President saying all this? Why didn't he state his reason for thanking them? Is he just thanking his media group for their strong support so far and encouraging them to do more for him or does he mean something else?

But the tone in his thanking speech is weak and we hope Mr.President is not giving up his political ambition yet!!! 

2019: President Buhari meets his media support group, says

2019: President Buhari meets his media support group, says

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