Interesting Reasons Why Ladies Find it Difficult To Propose!

Interesting Reasons Why Ladies Find it Difficult To Propose!

Apart from books,stories you've heard,have you ever seen a woman propose to man? Well it's not rare! However,there are some cultures that permit women to meet men their hearts beat for and throw the initiative.

Yes,they could be the ones to tell their boyfriends who have hesitated to express their love and intentions to their girlfriends ''I love you and would love us to build a home as husband and wife'' or ''I love you and would like to spend the rest of my life with you!''.

If the man accepts the proposal,he begins to think of marriage with his girlfriend and eventually get married to her! Why? Because the woman brings the initiative and proposes to him.

 Proposal as we all know in terms of relationship is an offer for marriage. From world history it's always done by the men to the women because right from time, men are by nature,the ones that ask the hands of women they love in marriage and not the other way round. 

Some hardcore feminists however in the world believe this should be changed and women too should be given the right and freedom to propose to men but here's the truth: No one is stopping women from proposing to men.They are free to do what men can do!

Please find out below,the reasons ladies find it difficult to propose:

Reasons Why Ladies Find it Difficult to Propose

In the continuation of this article, you will get to know more about the reasons women avoid taking  steps in proposing to their boyfriends especially in African countries and Arabian part of the world.Yes,there are also some religions that have restricted women from proposing to their boyfriends.

Take a look at some restrictions below:

1. Traditions: There are so many traditions that are affecting us today which started from the beginning until now.

Men naturally are the heads and authorities of women. They are always considered to be stronger and more capable to handle situations. Therefore they are expected by tradition to make the proposal to women. 

2. Cheap: When a lady proposes to a man, people see her as someone that's being so cheap that she couldn't even wait for the man to propose to her. To make matters worse the man being proposed to see her as someone without value, though not all of them but most of them.

3. Desperation: When you propose to a man as a lady, the society at large might see you as a desperate woman who wants to get married immediately and can't stand being single. Sometimes too they see you as someone that's old in age and wants to marry by all means.

4. Gold digger: Proposing to a man particularly a man that's rich can lead to some speculations by people and friends. They might sense you want to move into the world of wealth that's why you want to marry him by all means to the extent of proposing to him even if it is done out of love you have for him.

Like we have seen,the issue of women restricted from proposing to men they love is not in all traditions. Even some traditions that permit their women to propose to their men if they can, do not do so because they feel women have right over men,but merely on sheer belief.

It is not common or natural to have women propose to their men,and that is absolutely the reason why women find it difficult to propose to their lover boys!

The above mentioned points are hand full of reasons that make ladies not to propose to men. There are many other reasons too maybe you can add them in the comment box.

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