If Davido Does Not Marry Chioma,Who Will?

Davido and Chioma step out for romantic date night

The story of Davido and his chef turned his romantic girlfriend is going beyond friendship matter.

Friendship relationship has boundary and limit! You don't proudly showcase your just a friend in public as your boy/girlfriend  like you are courting. No you don't.

On a friendship level,romance is out of the picture. It is solely platonic and most times there are no expensive gifts to show no commitment in the relationship. Again it is kept casual and plain.

Davido and Chioma have gone beyond friendship,employer/employee relationship. Yet,they have not announced they are dating or courting but Davido has taken Chioma and shown her the whole heaven on earth!

Chioma is no longer a kid,she is duly ripped for marriage  and Davido is not giving any sign of it.

Chioma does not have a boyfriend and she is not allowed to have one as long as she is still in Davido's service and yet,Davido is not promising about it at all.

But he could buy her very expensive car,take her to Dubai for shopping,and take her for romantic night date. Yet,it is not a sign of serious relationship with marriage in view!

Will Chioma feel hurt or disappointed if Davido takes another babe and make her another baby mama and marries her?  If she tries it.....

But if Davido does not marry Chioma,who will???

Davido and Chioma step out for romantic date night

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