Former Chief Justice Of Nigeria Alfa Belgore Says Conferring GCFR On Abiola Is Illegal. Read More Here

Former Chief Justice of Nigeria, Alfa Belgore, says President Buhari?s award of GCFR on MKO Abiola is illegal

former Chief Justice of Nigeria Alfa Belgore in reaction to president Mohammadu Buhari changing Democracy Day from My 29 to June 12 and conferring the Grand Commander of the Federal Republic of Nigeria title on MKO Abiola has said it is something illegal .

Speaking to Premiumtimes,he stated that National honors are conferred on living people. 

He also says that soldiers and service men are the only people that are awarded posthumously  for their bravery. 

“It is not done… it is for people living. The only thing they could do is to name a place after him, but national honours award,no...says former Justice Alfa Bel

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