Do You Do Too Much For Your Children?

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How much do you do for your children? Do you do too much for them? Compared to time past,studies have shown that these days,parents do too much for their children than their children do for themselves.

This is not to say that what parents do for their children are the things their children could not possibly do for themselves.

To our lovely parents who do too much for the children they love it is to be sure that the future of their children are secured and safe for them that they do so much for them. Unfortunately,the truth from the word wisdom says: ''When parent do too much for their children,their children have little to do for themselves''. Sad or happy?

This sounds sad!

What becomes of children who do little for themselves in life? How far could children who do little or almost nothing for themselves reach in life? Their parents are known great for much they could do for themselves and you think their children would have anything to write home about by having little or nothing to do for themselves?

The greatest book of wisdom says that every man will carry his own load and not that of another person's. This reasonable principle is adopted only by the wise sectors such as education which imparts knowledge,which in turn is POWER!

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Sometimes I wonder why parents send their children to school. Is it for them to acquire knowledge  and rap it in papers?

What is the sense and use of knowledge when it is not used up? It will definitely perish!

Parents,do you do much for your children? 

A child is born and he is pampered from day one until he gets married. While he is growing up,he has a care taker that does his chores and everything for him. As the child is growing,he is made to understand that his father has already invested in his future for him and when he grows up he will just be counting money from a long time investment created for him by his father.

How on earth would this child work hard to build himself and realize his God given potentials to survive?

And to sum it up,there is nothing that gives joy or fulfillment than what results from someone's effort and hard work!

Dear parents,help your children to find fulfillment in life by allowing them do more things by themselves!

We are not saying that you shouldn't help your child or children build something in life! No,your children,our children surely need our support to have strong foundation,the pillar,on which they must thrive and build on.

The problem is not helping  a child grow strong but doing too much for your child. It is a problem because,when parents do too much for their children,their children do very little for themselves!

When a child does little for himself,can he realize anything from it? Can he even get the satisfaction from what he is doing? Then how could a child who does little for himself because his parent has done almost everything for him be fulfilled on his own?

Parents who do too much for their children are either saying that they don't trust the ability of their children or that their children do not have potentials in life!

Great and inspiring humans we have had on earth and are still having today are those who have done so much by themselves with little or no support from their parents! These are people whose names are written in historical records,whose feet have been printed in the sand of time!

Yes,great men and women in the world today are those who have pulled out of the shadows of their parents,realized their potentials and fought to make their dreams come true!

We can understand. Poverty is a very dangerous disease and this explains the reason why wealthy parents who suffered before they made it in life would create investment and opportunities for their future children. At least so that their children would not suffer what they have been through in life.

Dear loving and caring parents,you are not God the father!You are father,the son of man! Most times,the children you have worked hard for with the drops of all your sweat don't do much to care and protect all your endeavors for them. At the end of the day,other children from somewhere end up being the ones who manage the investment you handed and gifted to your children.

Yes,many times,if these children are not wise and reasonable,they end up being killed by these so called managers of their wealth in order to take over the investment they daily work hard to keep alive.

Parents,how much do you do for your children? Do you do too much for your children? Remember,when parents do too much for their children,their children do little for themselves! And with little effort,nothing much or reasonable can be accomplished.

Dear loving and ever caring parents,help your children to see the magic fingers of this world. Help your children to find their feet in the sand of time! Yes,help your children to realize their potentials in life and feel the joy of making their dreams come true with the sweat of their faces!!!

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