Do I Love Her Or Am I Just Lonely?

Do I Love Her Or Am I Just Lonely?

These two words seem to be confusing and at the same time complicated. Some couple of years ago I was lonely because I wasn't around the city, took a trip, I met a lady in the area and we became best of friends and it was lovely. 

As time passed by we began to develop feelings for each other and yea I had this belief we were in love but when we all traveled back all that faded away, especially from my side.  The feelings died off. Then,this question sprang in my mind: Was I in love? or was it because I was lonely and needed the company of a lady? Read on to find out.

Later on she got married and I even attended her wedding and it was great and lovely. The funny side of it is that it didn't hurt me a bit seeing her getting married to someone else, instead Iwas so happy for her. Over to you who are reading this. Are you in love or you're just lonely? Take a look at the points below to understand where we are heading to;

1. Be ready to offer everything: When you're in love you will be ready to offer all you have to her. Sacrificing your time, money and everything is the first step to know you're in love with the someone. The good part is even after offering all this it would seem you haven't done anything to please this person, this shows you are in love.

2. Sex doesn't matter: There's a difference between love and lust. Loneliness can spring the thought of lust and you might just be thinking you are in love while you are not.

3. You want to spend all the time with her: Most times we want to spend time with some friends or particular friends, but here you want to spend time with this person because you are in love .Yes,why do you believe you are in love? Because she makes you happy and that's the main thing that matters to you.

Dear gentleman,do you love her or are you just feeling lonely needing someone to make you feel loved?

You've got to know when you are in love!!!

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