Did Dino Melaye Change His seat At Senate Because He Sees Lions,Snakes And Tigers As He Claims?

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The senator representing Kogi west constituency senator Dino Melaye has changed his seat at the senate because he was seeing snakes,lions and tigers. At the Nigerian senate? we ask?

Dino must have a very spiritual eyes that no other senator in the house has for him to be seeing all these wide and dangerous animals all alone that no one else in the house sees.

''I see lion,tiger and snake in this seat. change my seat mbok''

After jumping out of police vehicle taking him to police station and after all his long serious and disgraceful ordeal with court,all senator Dino Melaye says he sees at the senate on his return are snakes,lions and tigers.

Please who is doing this to Kogi people? Instead of seeing humans in the house,all Dino Melaye now sees are animals?

We are sure senator Dino is not having acute malaria,no his doctor has not confirmed that! But the presidency has said that Dino needs mental evaluation!!!

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