Can Men Survive Without Sex?

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Can men survive without sex?

I am sure the answer for many is YES,while most people would say No to the question: Can man survive without sex?

The rate at which men not women,engage in s*x activities these days makes it look like s*x is everything in the life of men.As soon as boys begin to have wet dream,the message they get from adults around them is that they are now ripped and mature to accomplish the purpose they are born men.

Before you know it,the heart of innocent children is turned raw and corrupted. Boys begin to hang out and sleep with girls to test the level of their manhood. Why? Because,they have been told that they have come of age when they have to prove they are men! By having s*x I ask? Can men survive without s*x?

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When you come down to Africa,you would discover that the strength of men is measured by how much they could last in bed,how many times they could have s*x with women a day,and how many wives and concubines they have. The aim is not to bear large number of children but to have s*x as many times as possible. This they have legalized,and this they also called polygamous in nature.

Yes,African men said they are polygamous in nature and so you don't have to blame them for having extra women around apart from their wives. Nature makes them so,they claim. Can men survive without sex?

Okay,I have a very good example of someone who has never had s*x since he was born until he became very ill at 35 years and saw a doctor to know the cause of his illness. After running some test,it was discovered that the young man was suffering from excess storage of sperm in his body.He needed to discharge it out by having s*x with a woman before he would be fine again.

It was at this point I almost believed that men cannot survive without s*x since it keeps them alive and abstinence of it could cause then sickness which cure is only to have s*x, until I got some other knowledge that disprove the claim.

The doctor who was narrating experience of his patient however disclosed to me that before sperm is store in excess one must have aroused himself with some stimulation. In the absence of not having s*x,the produced sperm is not used up or discharged,but stored!

So that young man looked for trouble. He knew he was not going to have s*x with any woman,and he aroused his s*xual feelings probably by watching pornographic movies,or  pictures,or by even imagining what it might feel to have s*x with a woman.  Can man survive without s*x?

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Dear men,it is very very possible you can survive without s*x. Yes you can! What is there? It is only a problem if you allow yourself to develop s*xual feelings for someone,an opposite s*x you know you would never lie down or have s*x with .

Do not watch pornography images and resist the temptation that would arouse your s*xual feelings for a woman if you know you are going to have s*x with her.

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There are men who never slept with women since they were born until now,and they are still living! Yes,men can survive without s*x!!!

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