7 Reasons She's Not The One For You, No. 3 Will Shock You

7 Reasons She's Not The One For You, No. 3 Will Shock You

Sometimes in life we become confused and we find it difficult to choose the right thing for us at a particular time. What am I trying to say? Am talking about relationship and marriage concerning the men most especially. Most times we become confused because of what we see and that's true, men are moved by what they SEE while women are moved by what they HEAR. Her beauty, curves and shape lead men to go crazy about a lady and it's normal, it's not your fault as a man because that's your nature.

The problem that occurs here is that even when men see the red light it would still be glaring to them to stick to the lady just because of her beauty. Like the saying goes "don't love a house because of the paint but because of the structure and how well built it is" . This is where the first mistake starts and your journey to hell kicks off. Am going to list some vital points that prove she's not the one for you, some of them will be directed to you while some will be directed to her.

7 Reasons She's not the one for you

1. You think about other women even while she's there with you: This is very important if you start having such feelings, when you start developing feelings for other women it means there's no more love there.

2. Your friends and family dislike her: Don't get me wrong here, you are the one that loves her and wants to be with her so it's your right and your choice and decision to make. While it's your decision to make, also consider what other people close to you think about her, you might not see what they see because you are clouded by love and emotions. Ask them the reasons for thinking the way they do before jumping into conclusion.

3. Always Criticizes you: No matter what may happen we all deserve some praises for what we do for others. When she criticizes you all the time even when you put much effort to please her or make life easier for her maybe financially, watch it, it's a red light.

4. Bad thoughts of her: When she pops in your head all you think about are the fights you had with her, problems you encountered whenever she's close to you and all that, then it's time to think twice. She should bring joy and smile whenever you remember her not anger and pain.

5. No Trust: Trust is the foundation of every relationship especially with someone you want to settle down with. When there's no trust there's no friendship and no love.

6. Contacts are initiated by you: You are always the one calling most of the times, if you don't call  there will be no communication. You don't deserve to be treated in such manner, you deserve better than someone who doesn't give you attention.

7. Ego: Pride or ego is dangerous in relationships. If you are with her because of her status or her achievements then you are mistaken, you don't love her at all. The other way round, if she's with you because of your achievements, intelligence or wealth, then that is a sign that prove that and you have to start retracing your steps.

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