7 Problems Associated With Online Dating

7 Problems Associated With Online Dating

Online dating has been in vogue for over a decade now. There has been different stories from people about online dating, some are in favor while others are not. We are going to look critically about this topic and see the problems associated with it. While reading this you must have experienced it in the past and found out it turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to you. Whatever your experience might have been we will see the problems associated with it.

Problems or Issues associated with online dating are numerous and that's what am going to list here so you can know whether to continue with it or not.


1. It's costly: Dating someone from another country or far away continent isn't easy especially when it comes to seeing the person physically. It costs a lot such as data consumed in doing video call, sending of pictures and videos. To crown it all you get to spend a lot of money travelling to see the person you're dating.

2. Scam: Most people come online to scam people through relationships and dating stuff. How is this possible, because it's a free world there in online, so people use it as a medium to achieve there aims. They even use another picture and portray as the one there.

3. Sexual Harassment: Lots of people who claim they are in love with you may end up demanding for dirty pictures from you which includes your nudes and all that. This could make you uncomfortable and you may end up being hurt if you are the religious type.

4. So much lies: People tend to lie so much about themselves in the online world. Lies are easy since you don't get to see the person in question, so they just lie as much as they want. This could end up hurting you too at the end since you have so much belief in the one you are dating.

5. So much options: In the online world there are so many people available for dating in the online dating sites. This makes it easy to switch from one partner to another and thereby reduces trust for one another.

6. Life threatening: Online dating can be dangerous to the extent of your life being threatened. There's a possibility of you dating a pedophile, rapist, stalkers or even a killer. This is something we should put into consideration.

7. Lots of depressed people: Many people that usually come online for online dates are depressed people due to heartbreak from past relationships. This class of people then come online to look for dates to ease their past, so they are not really in love in anyway, but they do so,just to escape their past problems.

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