5 Negative Effects Of Cheating In A Relationship

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But really,why do people cheat in their relationships? A man boldly agrees that he has a fiancee,not a girlfriend to say,but yet,every now and then,you see him hanging out with different other girls. When an honest minded person like I,asks him why or what he is doing with other girls,he would say that it is not good for a man to be eating one particular soup all the time!

Then finally when they are down in marriage with the sweetest honey of their life,it would look like cheating has ended and you say ''Thank God''. Then after sometime,he resumes his former life style and begins hanging out with other ladies. When seen and confronted,he would tell you that men by nature are polygamous. Says who I ask?

The issue of lovers cheating on their partners is not limited to men alone. Women too cheat on their men even after marriage, to the extend of bringing them to their matrimonial homes and beds. Yes,I have seen some with my own two eyes!

Why and why do people who call themselves lovers cheat on each other? What in the name of s*x can one woman give that your own wife cannot give? There is no extra thing in any woman on earth except what appear up and down that give pleasure and satisfaction to orgasm,yes I know this!

Is cheating sweet? Does it make a man or a woman feel awesome? Like seriously,what is it about cheating that cheaters gain that makes them cheat over and over gain?

Nothing put pains,shame and dissatisfaction,all in negatives!

Really,any negative effects in cheating?

There are always negative effects when we cheat in a relationship but people seem to ignore them saying,it is simply having fun. Sometimes some fun could lead us to where we might not like and not only us but the ones we are cheating with. Hurting someone isn't good, talk more of a heart that loves you so much all because you can't control your feelings and I want us to use this opportunity to ponder on this: How would we feel if someone cheated on us? betrayed our trust?

Please let's know this, if we are not con-tempted with the person we are with or we are now in love with, then quit the relationship and move on with the new partner instead of hiding and running around.  This is because,there are indeed,negative effects of cheating in a relationship. Let's look at them one after the other:

 1. Our heart begins to ask questions: There's this question that runs through our mind and that question is ''Why?''. Yes why did he or she do this? And the worst of it all is no answer to this question. We only continue to ask ourselves this question that with bitterness and regrets.

2. Painful: Nothing is more painful than when our heart is broken, our trust and love especially with someone we love with our heart. We begin to develop hatred for our once treasured love, the thoughts of your partner texting her where they will meet while they are with you is so painful. I am sure you could understand.

3. No more trust: Once a partner is cheated on, they will never trust their partner ever again no matter how hard they try. Trust takes years to build and a second to destroy, that's what cheating does to us, it renders the relationship useless.

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4. Worthlessness: Feeling of worthlessness is the worst thing ever, that's what we call low self esteem. Yes that's it, cheating on your partner can lead to the person developing low self esteem because she might think she isn't good enough not only for you but for everyone out there, it takes courage to overcome this.

5. Enemies: Better to separate a relationship with some other reasons than the reason for cheating, two of you could turn to enemies. Yes you read me right? Betraying someone's trust is what we know as cheating in a relationship, the partner gets to leave with the belief that she wasn't loved by her partner has has lived with almost all her life!

There are many negative effects of cheating, some even lead to murder especially with hot tempered people who can't bear the pains and shame it brings. We should be careful in any situation that can make us cheat on our partners. I have this belief that before you start dating someone you should first be friends before it turns to relationship. I can as well say it this way : ''Don't betray your best friend with anyone else. They could only come to your life and later take their leave,leaving you shamefully!!!.

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