4 Most unbelievable Reasons Why Marriages Don't Work These Days

4 Most unbelievable Reasons Why Marriages Don't Work These Days

Marriage in the right definition is the legal union between a man and human as husband and wife. When marriage is taking place,it means the two separate individuals have agreed to become one and also live together and raise a family. Marriage isn't about how powerful or luxurious your wedding is or how expensive and popular the couple in question is, it's about living and surviving, tolerating each other. These days the rate of divorce is very high and it has made many people to question if it's worth it going into marriage.

Reasons Why Marriages Fail This Days

This article is written specifically for the reasons why marriages fail or doesn't work these days. Let's look at some of this important points:

1. Denial of sex: Sex is part of marriage and plays an important role in the life of couples. When there's lack of intimacy, the marriage begins to die off and this leads to infidelity and breaking of trust for each other.

2. Lack of contentment: In the world today there are many different men and women who look better in the outward appearance than our spouse in our eyes and this makes us wonder on how to have them. Though we know we can't have them yet we crave for such and this leads to lack of passion and complaints to our partner about their appearance which in turn leads to quarrels and unending conflicts. Most times,this attitude is more common among men.

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3. Social media and internet problems: Gone are the days when people cheat on their partners with  women  in hotels and other hiding places. Now logging in to your PC or smartphone changes a lot of things. With few clicks you are already in a chat with a new partner and already getting closer than ever before. That's what we get through the internet and when we are caught by our partner it really hurts them a lot and could sprang up new issues.

4. Missing attention from lover: Most people in the world today want attention more than love. We want people to care more about us, getting kisses from our partners and receiving their calls regularly, that's cool. Don't get me wrong it's good to have attention but are you aware that you can have all the attention in the world from your partner and still not be loved by him/her?  But this is true!!!

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