4 Important Points to Help You Know When To Quit A Relationship

4 Important Points to Help You Know When To Quit A Relationship

Quitting a relationship is always difficult especially when the relationship has lasted for months or  years. This is especially difficult because you have really come to accept and love this person with your heart,mind and soul.

Loving someone means a lot in our lives and it makes us want to be with the person at all times. This is again the problem we face when we want to let go because our brain has been conditioned to always be with that person almost all the time. What happens when we are not enjoying that love we crave for from our partner and then on the process become confused on whether to continue or quit?

There's an adage that says "The greatest problem we can ever face is whether to continue or let go". Well, this is why this article is for you today because I was once in such a situation and to be honest with you it was really confusing and frustrating. Take a look at the points below to find out for yourself, if it's necessary to continue in a relationship or to quit and the perfect time to make such a decision!

1. Physically abused: If you are physically abused then it's time to walk away from such a relationship. For God's sake,how could you continue to be in relationship that posses threat to your life? If you die,who loses? You or your partner? My dear lover,use your senses!

 There's no management with your partner when you are physically abused, instead it's the best time to call it quit!  Dwelling in such a relationship could be life threatening.

2. Infidelity: Is your spouse or partner not faithful to you? then it's high time to consider where you're heading to in such a relationship. There are so many disadvantages attached to this problem if you don't walk away. If you are in a relationship with a partner that continues to cheat  with another opposite sex,it's either you avoid having sex with him or her or you quietly walk away if you really want to remain safe.  Should I tell you that continuing being in the relationship might lead you to being infected with sexually transmitted diseases which your partner may contract from the people he or she has sexual contact with? 

3. Addict: Depending on the type of addiction and it's level, but let's say that your partner is a drug addict and you know it is something you could not stand,what would you do if all he does is drink and break bottle at home ? Being in that relationship would not only poss danger to your health but risk to your life! Maybe one day,if doesn't see money to buy weeds or whatever he smokes,he might result to use you head for it before his eyes clears.

4. Lies: If your partner is deceitful and always tells you lies every time ,my dear,this is something serious.

Lies,dishonesty,breach and shatter trust! Where is the relationship without trust?

If you have not entered into marriage with this partner,kindly walk away from him or her before it is too late! Yes walk away,it is not a sin!!!  Read more: 20 Dos & Don'ts Of A Functional Relationship!

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