Why You Can't Be Friends With Your Ex!

Why You Can't Be Friends With Your Ex!

This is a popular topic today, people want to know if it's possible to be friends with their ex or not. While some people see it as something impossible or not good enough to do, others see it as something normal. You that are reading this what do you think? Well let's continue we will find out more about this. 

When we go through this thing called ''break up'', we feel bad within ourselves especially when it has to do with someone we love and cherish so much. We tend to go back to that same person to try and get her back and continue but very likely it wont be possible anymore.

Here's something that you need to understand: Being friends with your ex is possible because it depends on the condition of your break up. Break up that occurs due to fights or cheating, is simply one I don't think you two can be friends again. Break ups that occurs peacefully maybe due to distance between you two, is likely to be reconciled.  But unfortunately,hardly does breakup occur peacefully, it always ends in quarrels and many other factors. Let's look at some main points.

Reasons Why You Shouldn't Be Friends With Your Ex 

1. It brings old or past  memories that may hurt you or both of you much later.
2. Stop dwelling in the past and move on, i know it hurts but you have to move on.
3. It might block you from falling in love in the future with the right person for you.
4. Remember you two became friends before you became lovers, so being an ex partner is almost the same as being an ex friend.

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