Why President Buhari Returns Home From London A Day Before Schedule

Recall that it was on Tuesday that Nigerian president,President Mohammadu Buhari left Nigeria for medical checkup in London.

Before his departure,the presidency informs the public that the president would be returning on Saturday 12,2018.

For not being truly sure if he would make it before Saturday the day expected for his return,the presidency also said to be on a safer side that they are not sure when exactly Mr President would be returning.

To surprise all and sundry who say that Nigeria president,President Mohammadu is ''travel-travel president'' who likes to cool off from work with little or no reason wrong,Mr.president returned from his medical trip even a day before schedule.

Note: This is at least the 3rd medical trip the president has taken this year . Interesting right? Yes,Mr. president is truly improving you can say! Eh?

Donald Trump will not refer to him scornfully any more?

Mr President wouldn't be leaving Nigeria for no reason and if anything has to keep him away from office,be sure it is something very crucial and unavoidable!!!

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