Why Love Is So Painful And How To Move On!!

Why Love Is So Painful And How To Move On!!

Love is sweet so it goes on the mouth of many, it's all about sacrifice, putting your loved one before you and loving without expecting anything in return. That's a good judgement, but nearly everything in life that has the positive sides have the negative sides also. Love is painful too, yes it's devastating, it hurts and might even lead to hate. Some people out there can't shade tears over anything, but certainly do so when they lose their loved ones to death or have a broken relationship.

Love hurts deeply and that is why love is so painful. It becomes especially painful when we don't get what we love! Yes whatever you love you would like to have it around all the time, but unfortunately life isn't perfect and so it turns to hurt us in one of the worst ways.

 Let's take this a bit to the side of relationships. We fall in love and want to offer everything to the one we love, our time, money and sometimes even ready to offer our lives to this special someone in our lives. Then our heart gets broken in the process. It happens to us from time to time and we begin to regret and feel the effects of the painful side of love. 

Please remember this however that when painful love has affected you, it's okay and learn to move on. There's always a light at the end of the tunnel!!!.

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