Why Is It Hard To Get Principled Girls These Days?

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The truth is that we have different attitudes and characters of humans! Even animals are of different characters too.Men and women,as different genders they are by nature,behave and act differently.

Obviously,majority of men always be themselves without pretense to  impress anybody (girls) whereas girls,yes,majority of girls (except me...*wink*) pretend to be whom they are not,just to please guys or give better impression of what they are not. Girls why?

The way our girls behave these days makes it look like there are no kinds of women made of iron any more! But after getting so deep to the point of no return,they begin to show the hard stuff they are really made of. Is this good?

Why is it hard to get principled girls these days? Pretense!

Pretense is the only reason why girls who are made of iron instead of steel come out looking they are kinds of people who could tolerate anything ,just to let peace be.

Some girls can pretend at being whom they are not to impress men and get to their hearts. Girls why??

Why do you people make it look like being principled is a bad character? Yes,when they finally get married they bring out their rigidity and many times prove they are no-go-area,no matter how much their victim might push. Their nonconformism has no second part. It's simply end of discussion! 

Thanks to those few strong girls out there who still live their lives the way they are created. They are really beautiful in the eyes of people who love originality! They never fade or lose what they are inside -out!! Yes,brave girls,girls with principle attitude are not gullible!!!

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