Why Do Women Find It Difficult To Leave Abusive Relationship But Easy To Leave Broke Men?

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You see this question ''Why do women find it difficult to leave abusive relationship but easy to leave broke men?'' was asked by a Nigerian singer Praiz.

We do not know exactly why the young singer asked this question,but we do know that he has observed around him and find the question to be very true.

He really wants to know! And we also want to know as well from you women!

Yes,why do you find it difficult to leave abusive relationship but very easy to leave ''broke men?''

A man whether a husband or a boyfriend would subject his woman to vigorous abusive relationship,beating her whenever he wants to let the steam off his emotion and all the woman would do is to cry and show her bulky eyes and say ''He beats me again'' and yet she would still resolve to continue in the relationship.

But however,when a woman finds herself in the hands of a gentle man who would never lay his hands on her for any reason but actually has the problem of being broke,the only thing the woman reasons to do is to leave the relationship! Whether the man in question is her husband or boyfriend,as long as he is broke,not having enough to cater for her physical needs,she is not comfortable to continue in that relationship!

Women why? Why do you prefer to be in abusive relationship where there is enough bouquet but leave a relationship that gives you peace of mind because your man is broke??

Are we saying that women prefer to be beaten and abused as long as there is money to being in peace where there is just vegetable to eat?

Women, why do you enjoy to suffer pains and eat eat large than manage scarcity and enjoy peace of mind???

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