Why 16 Year Old House Wife Murders Her Husband With Rat Poison

16-year-old housewife murders her husband with ?rat poison? in Kano State

A 16 year old house wife at Shittar village,Danbattar Local Government Area of Kano state Nigeria was yesterday facing murder trial in Kano Magistrate court.

It was alleged by one Mr Yahaya Ibrahim of the same resident that the 16 year old house wife murdered her husband with rat poison.

The house wife however pleaded innocent and the magistrate adjourned the matter until June 7.

Our Take:

Why the house wife of 16 years old could plead innocent of the allegation of her husband's death,it could be possible that she did it!

I mean what could a 16 year old girl who is already a wife do if for example she was being hurt by her husband whom we know could be very much older than she is?

Hearing of domestic abuse is worse and very rampant in the north and many young wives complain bitterly about it but would get no help at the end of the day.

Who knows what this young teenage wife may have seen in the hands of her husband before he was murdered by rat poison? Could she beat a man who may be as old as her father to defend herself? I mean,how could this minor whose rights of education and freedom of every thing as a Nigerian child has been denied because of early marriage practices ever defend herself and come out of the chain and bondage possed by her unbearable marriage? Food for thought!

Bu since it was confirmed that the girl's husband died from rat poison and the girl pleads not guilty of the charge it is still more appropriate that we wait until June 7 when the matter will be mentioned and every detail gets to the full!

Till then,we keep our fingers crossed on the matter!!!

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