When You Are In A Wrong Relationship What Happened To Amara Nwosu Would Likely Happen To You!

Looks like relationship expert, Amara Blessing Nwosu,  has remarried! (photos)

There is a common saying that makes a common sense. It is the saying: ''When a man has not found himself,he shatters and batters everyone that comes his way''.

This is true! When a man has nothing that could enable him live up to his responsibilities as a man,not only would he mess up any woman or girl that comes his way,he would also miserably abuse her emotion.

The same goes in a wrong relationship when someone marries a wrong person!

Many people know about young the woman who has married for the third time after her first and second marriage failed. Because she was in a wrong relationship!

She is a Facebook relationship expert. Her name is Amara Blessing Nwosu,a mother of four. 

Amara first got married at 17 (Arranged marriage by her parent) and she complained of domestic abuse in the marriage for 14 years. At 31 years,she left the marriage and got divorced.

In 2014,Amara announced  she was getting married again to one US based pastor named Francis Van-Lare. 3 years later in that marriage,Amara showed a picture of her husband grabbing her boob which went viral on social media last year,and yes,that marriage also packed out.

Photo of her second marriage.

In a post shared on her Facebook page on Sunday,it appears that this lady is getting married again for the 3rd time although she has refused to open up to public,at least by telling us the name of the man. But Amara is seriously in a heart throb with him.
Looks like relationship expert, Amara Blessing Nwosu,  has remarried! (photos)
Amara's 3rd marriage probably.This is not a joke.

Looks like relationship expert, Amara Blessing Nwosu,  has remarried! (photos)
The newest man in Amara's life from her Facebook page.

When you are in a wrong relationship,you would battle and batter until you find the right person for you just like Amara had!

Since you have began a relationship of love affairs,the solution is not getting divorced and remaining singing again,but being on a journey, finding a right person for yourself! Your man or your woman!

And until you find your soulmate,the one your heart is at peace with,you would never rest or really settle down!!!

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