What Do Men Really Want From Women??

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In African setting,the only basic roles for women are child bearing,kitchen functions and other home keeping.

It is not important whether they are graduates or not as long as they are useful to their husbands.

In the Western world,the role of women is more like that found in the scriptures where God instituted woman to complement an become helpers to their husbands.

Well,the good news is that many Africans are now changing their cultures to meet the western ideology.

Women are no longer seen being important because they could bear children for their husbands or are experts in home front.

African men have now realized that women with education,good jobs,or those into businesses or with entrepreneurial skills are  asset.

Hardly could a man these days have admiration for a woman without any skills or intellectual properties.

However,w still have some men who get scared of women with education,and good jobs. Men why?

What do men really want from women?

The truth is that men,yes men have put a lot of women in confusion as a lot of women out there have lost their boyfriends because they are not graduates.

Others who are graduates would continue to be single and searching because their suitors out there think they might not be submissive to them when married.

What do men really want from women?

You won't marry your girlfriend because she is not a graduate. When she is one,you become afraid that she won't respect you or make a good wife!

Yes,when a women does not have a job or any reasonable thing doing,you think she is not an asset and if she's got a good job and is living comfortably,you begin to withdraw saying she would assume the place of man in the house. Men why? What do you really want from women???

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