Thief In Tanzania Surrenders To Police After Stolen Bag Sticks To His Head

Have you heard? A thief whose principal method of stealing is to snatch bags from their owners and take whatever valuable in it and do away with it has this time surrendered to police near his area.

His name is Frank Japhet from Mbezi Dar es Salam in Tanzania,he is just 23 years old, and this strange thing happened to him in Tanzania his home country as well!

Frank snatched a bag from a woman as he would always do to people,but this time,he was so so unfortunate that the woman whose bag he had snatched wasn't an ordinary person. This sounds strange right?

Yes,as Frank Japhet was carrying the stolen bag on his head right to his destination,where he used to settle down to sort out valuable in stolen bags,he soon began to feel heavier weight on his head right down on his shoulder.

Trying to adjust the bag,he then discovered that the bag could not be dismantled! He tried so hard to bring it down but to know avail! Then he proceeded to a police station to surrender himself.

At the police station,the matter still remained the same!Perhaps the thief thought that when he surrenders to police,he would be relieved but to no avail!!

Is Karma punishing thief  Frank Japhet in Mbezi Dar es Salam Tanzania? Has Frank Japhet stolen a bag of a spirit?

Whatever,but this really serves him well as we know it will surely make him turn away from thieving and thievery!!!


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