Reasons You Should Accept Yourself The Way You Are!

Reasons You Should Accept Yourself The Way You Are!

Accepting oneself seems easy at the thought of it but it is something very serious to the extent that the people that are under its spell are not even aware what they are passing through. Come to think of it, living your normal day to day life without having any issue with anyone seems lovely, but you might not know that you are under the influence of something very dangerous yet hidden.

Examples of things that make one not to accept himself/herself

Let me break this a bit down. You were born like any other person in the world today, but you may come from a poor background but you live your life having the wish you were from a rich home, being short in size while you desire to have that great wonderful height, you might want to look so beautiful but you don't seem to have that look, to crown it all you might even hate your race, having the wish you were white or black.

The truth is that,no matter how much one may try to copy or be like someone else,it does not still change the real personality of oneself. So why try in the first place?

Again and of great importance is that trying to be whom you are not causes much more pains than anything else you could think of. It takes your joy away and brings you sadness and dissatisfaction .
Whatever maybe the issue here, have this in mind that you can change it with time. If it's the ones that can't be changed then change your mindset about it. No one is perfect or fulfilled but only when they accept themselves the way they are. Be happy always because happiness comes to those who ease their minds with things of life. The great music icon Michael Jackson had fame but he wanted something more, he wasn't comfortable with his skin color and so decided to turn himself white but that didn't really go well with him at the end. Learn to love and accept yourself that's the true secret to fulfillment and happiness!!!

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