Nigerian Woman Ejected Out Of U.S Airline Over Body Odour. See Details!

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This is so so unfair! Not just was the woman ejected off  U.S Airline,her children too couldn't travel in the same airline because their mother was denied her seat and was not allowed to travel with the airline because she was said to have body odor!

Okay.let's say that the woman really has body odor,and so what? what does it matter? What has it got to do with ejecting her out of airline and denying her to travel in the airline she paid for? What about those who have mouth odor? Do they not still talk?

A Nigerian woman whose name is Queen Obiora was ejected off a United airline because the passenger next to her,a white man claimed that she has body odor. This happened on March 4th, 2016 in  Lagos airport to  Ontarior Canada where her kids attend school.

Queen Obiora has sued the United airline to court and seeks punitive damages and legal fees. 

According to the lawsuit,Queen Obiora boarded the plane and proceeded to her seat. On getting there,she saw a white man already sitting on her seat number and she asked him to leave for his own seat. 

The man refused and no attempt even from a flight attendant could make him move.

Queen Obiora was then given another seat and she kindly accepted.

Later she decided to go to restroom to check herself. On returning to the seat she was given,that same white man refused her to pass and blocked the entrance.

Later,Queen Obiora received a message from the pilot that the white man complained to him that she has body odor which makes it uncomfortable for him to travel with her in the same plane.

Like it was a joke,the woman was ejected off the plane and she came down with her children.

5 hours later,she was boarded in another plane with her children.

Queen Obiora said that the airline discriminated against her because she is Black,African and Nigerian.

This is too too bad and unfair! It is no funny at all!!

When will White people ever change their poor mentality to being reasonable ? Do they know how bad some of their body odor smell and Blacks still manage and tolerate them along?

They should use their senses and Nigeria,Africa should do something to protect the rights of their citizens against discrimination in situations such as this!!!

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