Nigerian President To Sign The ''Not Too g To Run Bill'' Today

President Buhari to sign into law the  #NotTooYoungToRun bill today

Just early this morning,Buhari's personal assistant on New Media,  Bashir Ahmad announced on his Twitter page that Nigerian president,president Mohammadu Buhari will sign the ''Not too young to run bill'' today.

President Buhari to sign into law the  #NotTooYoungToRun bill today

If president Buhari signs the bill,he will have fulfilled his promise made on the Democracy Day Speech. 

If Buhari signs the bill into law,then,it wouldn't be wise Mr president contest for any political post in 2019 and that will be a good political goodbye for him!

Nigerian youths who are as young as 35 years who have political ambition to run for presidential political office will then have the prospect to do so.

This is because,Nigerian 1999 constitution stipulates that the president has to be at least 40 years while senators and governors have to be at least 35 years whereas the age limit for state assembly is 25 .

This is mid day,and we are still waiting for MR president to do as his personal assistant has announced this morning!!!

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