Michelle Obama Gives The Most Touching Speech At Temple University That Could Inspire You.See Here

Michelle Obama gives touching speech at College Signing Day, says "There were a lot of people who told us we weren?t supposed to be in the White House"
Michelle Obama.

The former US First Lady,Michelle Obama Stormed the stage of Temple University at Philadelphia where she gives what has been described as the most touching and inspiring speech ever!

If you were there in the audience either as a well wisher,family member or friend of the students of the Temple University yet to be admitted in school,you would have been moved to go get it by Michelle's specch.

If you are the type that doubt you cannot make anywhere,if you have the spirit of inferiority complex and listen to Michelle Obama's touching speech,you would definitely have a change of mind to become a better you!

Michelle Obama is a personality changer! She is also a great influencer the whole world has  ever known!

On 3rd of May 2018,the 54 year old woman stood on the Stage of Wisdom and inspired over 8,000 people in the Temple University in Philadelphia. 

Below was part of her ever darlyn speech that could inspire you as well:

''Oh my goodness, what a crowd. I’m so happy to be here. Are you guys excited? We need you all to be successful. We love you so much, and we expect high things from you. I’m not one of the doubters. I know that you have what it takes to succeed.
There are all these people out there telling you what you can’t do. I am so proud of you all. You did just what I did. You ignored the haters.''

Formerly,this great and inspiring speaker  Michelle Obama was never one of a bold and fearless person because as a teen,she doubted if she could ever make it and whether she was good enough to be anything great. When she soared,she knew she could and that anyone too could be greater and better of oneself.

Here she shares the experience of her old self back in school days: 

“ As a teen in Princeton University New Jersey,I didn’t know if I was smart enough. thought maybe I’m not good enough. Maybe I can’t keep up.”

And gradually the fear and self doubt began to leave her and she finally made it with her husband to the White House where they reigned for 8 years. There,another struggle began and this was how she beat it:

''There were a lot of people who told us that we weren’t supposed to be in the White House, that we couldn’t handle the pressure, that we weren’t ready. So I’m telling you, they will doubt you today and they will doubt you for the rest of your life'' says Michelle Obama.

Yes,you can make it to any level you want to reach in life! You can be what you want to be,only stop doubting!!!

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