''Let Me Face My Trial Alive''! Kidnap Kingpin a.k.a Evans Weeps Of Hunger In Court

Evans in court

You know,Nigerian prisons are not the same as prisons in Western world.

One of the major differences between Nigeria prisons and others is feeding. If you ever find yourself in Nigerian prison and your family or friends do not supply you with food,you will understand the meaning of hunger!

Suspected billionaire kidnap kingpin Chukwudumeme  Onwuamadike a.k.a. Evans was this morning weeping  in Lagos state High court that he is dying of hunger. As unbelievable as this could be,below are other facts to prove it is true:

  “What have I done to you people, they have been beating me? No good food. I have been locked up in one place since August 30. Why are they taking my case personal?”

“Let me face my trial alive, why do you people want to kill me?” says Evans.

It is really true that the man who once ate at kings table assorted meals of his best choices to his very satisfaction is now weeping of hunger.
Is it that Evans is not given enough food or his choice of food? The kind of foods he eats?
Of course,if Evans refuses the foods served in prison because they are not his kind of food,he would continue to weep of hunger!
But least the government should have known that anyone facing trials should be given good food to stay alive and healthy to be able to face his trial! The lawmakers have to do something about this situation!!!

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