Lagos Court Orders Church To Pay Fine To Church Member For Losing Seven Teeth At Crusade?

Honestly,Lagos high court doesn't take nonsense from churches these says. How could a church be fined because someone went for a crusade and got broken teeth injuries at the crusade? Who sent him to go there in the first place? Is everyone not supposed to attend any event at his or her own risk after all?

Well it happened a long time ago in 2010 during a large crusade organized by writer/publisher of ''Our Daily Manner'' Rev. Chris Kwapkovwe and the registered trustees of  Chapel of Liberty at the National Stadium in Lagos.

There were quite a number of crowd at the crusade and of course ,many injurious things happened. But just one woman who didn't see it as fair treatment that people would be invited for church programs and their physical welfare would not be put into consideration.

She too got injuries,got her seven teeth knocked off when she fell and hit her mouth on a gutter where seats were placed in between.

The name of the woman is Ms Tamara Egbedi.

Out of negligence of the church to treat her,Ms.Egbedi went to court and the state high court found the church guilty of offense and order it to pay Tamara a fine of N9,454 000.

Delivering judgement at suit no LD/359/2011,Justice SBA Candide said:

“It is difficult not to observe that for the Defendants who put themselves forward as spiritual shepherds of their sheep that they appear to have demonstrated scant care and concern for victims of their January 2010 spiritual crusade and have likewise by the letter of their lawyers (Exhibit F) dared this Claimant to go to Court, the Defendants appear to have elected carnal warfare over spiritual warfare thus leaving it to the Courts of Law to intervene,” 

Then he continued:

“It is virtually ridiculous for Rev. Dr. Chris E. Kwakpovwe as the presiding Pastor, and a registered Trustee of Manna Miracle Mountain Ministry and the Publisher/Writer of “Our Daily Manna” (ODM) to invite the general public and the Claimant to a programme which they expected to and which “recorded a huge attendance” and then without any remorse or conscience, argue that they only rented space at the National Stadium so he and his religious ministry owed no duty of care or concern for the welfare and safety of the guests they had invited to their own spiritual “party” or event organized by them. It is this type of reckless impunity and consciencelessness that makes many people complain about callousness and wickedness in Nigeria.
“The National Sport Commission (NSC) rented space to the Defendants and it was the Defendants who structured, arraigned and independently organized their event to their own taste and standards…It is in my view, cowardly and irresponsible to invite a guest to your house or other venue for your independent event and then turn to blame a third party for your own want of care and want of organizational due diligence.”

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