Is This Why Nigeria Bans Codeine-Based Cough Syrup?

I am not saying that people should be encouraged to abuse drugs but honestly,government should look at the merit of certain things and if it is more than demerits,should let it be.

After carefully watching a film in BBC pidgin on how young people especially in the north abuse Codeine-based cough syrup,a drug that is used to relieve coughing and pain,Nigerian Ministry of Health has directed the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control to immediately cease the importation of codeine .

According to Africannews.En,social media activists in Nigeria have for many months now been sounding alarm bells over the situation but the BBC film has brought hardcore evidence forcing the authorities to take abrogation,and yet they did!

Should something made for public consumption which also brings relief to users be banned because certain group of people choose to abuse it?

Should its availability not be restricted to the hands of the abusers instead? Should the danger or consequences of abusing it not rather be announced for the sake of saving lives rather than absolutely banning it?

Nigerian Ministry of Health should really think about these questions!!!

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