''This Is Sad! Kaduna Is Now Like Its Governor'' Says Reno Omokri. See Details

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The best selling author of Facts versus Fiction,Reno Omkri has described Birnin Gwari Kaduna as a frustrated and helpless state in Nigeria.

following the killing of 71 people in Kaduna state, Reno was not pleased with the governor of the state Elrufai who was highly busy blaming 3 senators for the killing of innocent people in his state.

In his wisdom,Reno Omokri thinks that the right thing Elrufai should have done as a bittered governor should have been how to prevent further attack and killing of people in his state rather than laying blames on any body and asking God to curse  any culprit of the ugly situation.

Below is his tweet and reaction:

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  1. Verified account @renoomokri
    2 hours ago
    Sad that gun men kill 71 people in Birnin Gwari, Kaduna? Their Governor, who should protect them, is either busy calling on God to curse the 3 Senators from his state or paying herdsmen with public funds. ’s nature has permeated Kaduna. The state is now like its Governor!

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