Is It Right To Pay My Ex Back This Way?

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What exactly do you want to pay your ex?  And you said he is your ex! What business do you still have with someone you call your ex? But your ex is supposed to be in your past. That is why he is your ex!

Okay,a lot of girls out there think the best vengeance they could give their ex is to plan anything that would hurt or slash pains in their.

Then I ask: And after that what do you get? Would hurting them make you feel relieved? Get back your better self? Get what you've lost? Just what would you get by hurting your ex or paying him back badly?

To Think of it,paying back your ex is a total waste of time,energy and resources since you would achieve no good from it! Of course that wouldn't make him come back to you.So does it make sense to pay back your ex with pains?

Yes you are hurt. Your boyfriend or fiancee disappoints you and it's enough to make you feel hurt! But hey,that disappointment may not really be bad at the end of the day for you. 

The secret of the knowledge about this is simply: ''Have a good attitude,watch and see how things would turn out!''

My dear lady,if your boyfriend disappoints you,don't worry! Take a cold soft drink and tell yourself you are good enough for a good man!

Struggle and keep fit and leave out of your mind,any plan to pay your ex back with evil!

He said you are not good enough for him. Why do you want to prove him right by acting stupidly? And listen,he didn't say you cannot be good for any other man. He is only speaking for himself,knowing his temperament and personal makeup.

A man who leaves you is leaving you for a man who would not only love you but respect and dignify you!

And you are angry that he's got another girlfriend? Why? Would you rather prefer he denies himself his needs or he is not given what gives him happiness? That is truly wickedness lady! Get it off your mind!

If he leaves you,he leaves you for good! Let whatever you shared with him quietly go and it must surely come to past!! Believe me!!!

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