Is It OK For A Man To Cry Over A Woman?

Is It OK For A Man To Cry Over A Woman?

This question sounds weird but it's a good question. Let me ask again: Is it okay for a man to cry over a woman? People have this general belief that men are stronger and more resistive when it comes to both strength and emotions. It's well known that women tend to shed tears when things go wrong in their love lives, therefore women are very emotional. Let's dig further about this topic to understand more of where we are going and things associated with this topic.

Men have many attributes that are completely different from women. They hardly read romantic stuffs, watch romantic movies or have much affection for colors, flowers or even things related to fashion like women do. Most percentage of them have their interest in sports, tech, gadgets, making money and other stuffs, which make them completely different from men. With this observations, men are likely to be emotional and therefore less prone to shed tears for a lady.

Following the points listed above we will assume that men are not that emotional, but here's the truth: Men cry over a woman just as women cry over a man. Love is powerful and when it's lost it can lead to many things.Everyone has their own way of expressing grief, men may not necessarily cry outwardly but may be in much pain inwardly. The answer to the question is that it's okay for a man to cry over a woman because some griefs tend to reduce when we shed tears over a situation.Cry it out if you have to then get up and clean yourself up and get ready for a new day.

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