Is Buhari Really Quitting Office In 2019 By His Statement?

President Muhammadu Buhari speaking

Recall that Nigerian President,President Mohammadu Buhari yesterday in his speech said that he would in few days time sign ''not too young to run bill'' .

He was referring to Nigerian youths,saying that they deserve to be given opportunity to lead and govern Nigeria.

Now,the Arewa youths are on Buhari's neck,asking him to resign and quit his political ambition in 2019 and make his words of making Nigerian youths have opportunity to become Nigeria leaders come true beginning in 2019.

“There is nothing extraordinary about what he (President Buhari) said. I am not keen about it. Nigerians will decide when the time comes. There is nothing interesting about it says Shettima.

There is nothing different from what we said. The younger generation must be given the opportunity to govern this country. That’s all. It is one thing to say, it is another thing for him to implement. It has always been so. So, I have not seen anything new.”

The Campaign for Democracy and the Committee for the Defense of Human Right also said this about Buhari's statement:

“President Buhari needs to let us know that he is sincere about the assent to that bill. He should demonstrate his willingness to bring youths into his administration by appointing vibrant, visionary and educated youths and youthful minds into his cabinet government.

“Assent to the bill alone doesn’t justify an in-inclusive government. He should lay an example in his cabinet. I am an advocate of the younger generation coming into administration in this country. The older generation had had their days and they had failed.''

The question now is: 'Will Mohammadu Buhari leave or quit political office as Nigerian President in 2019?''

Till then!!!

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