Irish Ambassador In Kenya Explains Why He Goes For Opening School Block In Ox

Everyone knows that Vincent O'neill the Irish Ambassador to Kenya,Sudan and Somalia could go anywhere in any car of his choice.

While some dignitaries and official men in political offices would never go on any assignment if the entourage is not  there on executive and stylish arrangement,this humble man of Irish honors an invitation to go to St Patrick's Primary School Kawese,Kenya Mukeini County for opening of a facility built and supported by Irish organization for Kenyan child.

Vincent O'neill went on this visit with his fellow embassy official in Ox,not in any car.

Here he explains the reason why he chooses to honor an invitation of this great and mighty nature  in Ox:

''Access to the school difficult due to recent rains / muddy road no problem via Ox Cart!” he explained in a tweet the choice of transport'' says Vincent O'neil

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