If A Man Loves His Wife So Much Can He Still Cheat On Her?

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We asked this question because,we realized that more than 80% of married men cheat on their wives. There is no doubt however that over 90% of men on earth marry women they truly love. Then how come,men still cheat on their wives? 

To get the answer to this question: ''If a man loves his wife so much can he still cheat on her?'' We need to know what keeps a man a way from sexual immorality.

One of the things that can make a man to control his urge when the feelings to have sex with a woman he is not married to is self control. For self control to be effective,for it to work,a man must have discipline. Yes discipline! And it goes with great determination!

Now can you see that whether a man loves his wife or not,if he has self control waged with discipline and determination not to give in to urge to have sex illegally,he would make it?

This shows that love or no love has nothing to do with a man cheating on his woman!

If a man loves his wife and lacks self control,he would cheat on her whenever he has the urge to do so wife another woman.

Self respect has no place in the factors that can help a man resist sex outside his marriage. This is because,when a man develops feelings or urge to have sex with any woman,he turns crazy and becomes unusual of himself.

At this point,he doesn't know what is self respect. Even a titled Chief in African land would shamelessly give in to sex with a little girl old enough to be his daughter,a widow or even anyone else not to be reckoned with.

You know how much the former American President Bill Clinton loves his supportive and visionary  wife  Hilary. Yes,you also know his story with Monica Lewinsky right?

And you reading this if you are married and had cheated on your wife, would you say you did so because you suddenly lost your feelings,interest or love her? Never!!

If a man loves his wife so much,can he still cheat on her?  

If a man lacks self control,if he is not disciplined,if he is not determined to resist sexual immorality,no matter how much he loves his wife,he would give in to the urge to have sex outside his marriage relationship and cheats on his wife over and over again!!!

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