I Love Her But She Doesn't Love Me, Should I Continue To Love Her?

I Love Her But She Doesn't Love Me, Should I Continue To Love Her?

This is one of the most difficult decisions to take: "To continue moving or to stop moving" .It's an important time of decision in a man's life . We all have this person in our life that takes our breath away, that makes us want to love for the rest of our life. We wish we can love this person forever, if they feel the same way too for us then we are in heaven but if they don't love or have feelings for us in return, it becomes the most painful part of our lives.

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The sad story starts this way: You do all you can to make her happy, to make her your queen, perhaps due to your consistent pressure on her, she decides to give you a little chance and then you feel on top of the world. You go ahead to broadcast the good news to your friends that you have the best woman in the world. As time goes by she still brings back that same attitude and treats you like she used to do. Here's the real truth: Never suffer for love;Don't be a second option for any lady out there because the worst treatment is coming that could make you miserable!

 Have you ever sat back and looked around? You would find out there are many that love and appreciate you more than she would ever do. Guys, stop wasting your love with someone who wouldn't blink an eye if you decide to let go. Learn to appreciate yourself and the value you have, don't be a slave to love!!!

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