How Effective Is Silent Treatment?

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This question goes to both married and singles dating to marry. Of course you don't have to pretend that you don't know what Silent Treatment is or how to use it!

So the question is how effective is Silent Treatment?

Your boyfriend does something that hurts you and instead of telling him about it,you decide to block him on all social media. ''If he goes on Facebook and discovers I have unfriended him he would realize that something has gone wrong between us'' you would say right?

Then for the man,a married man,if he gets offended by his wife's attitudes he would refuse to eat her food. ''At least if I refuse to eat her food today and tomorrow,she would know that I am not happy with her'' You would say right?

These are just few examples of  Silent Treatment we see among those in relationships.

How effective is silent treatment?

Well for sure,Silent Treatment serves as signal that tells conditions of partners in relationships. It expresses one's feelings to his or her partner showing how deep he or she is being hurt.

On the other hand too,Silent Treatment is a way some couples avoid domestic violence,abuses  and loud voices of arguments.

For women whose husbands shout at them or beat them up for complaining bitterly about their husbands' behaviors they choose to use Silent Treatment.

Silent Treatment calls for dialogue. ''Yes,I discover these days that you no longer pick my calls,eat my food or talk to me'' ( depending on the type of Silent Treatment you employ) the receiver of the Silent Treatment would say.

Then the next thing is to ask ''why?'' and what must have gone wrong. Then dialogue begins.

Most times,dialogue yields a wonderful positive results for couples and those dating in resolving their issues.

Silent Treatment is good in every relationship. No one likes to be ignored in any way and that is what Silent Treatment gives.

Most times too,Silent Treatment helps couples to get adjusted,it also makes them get back in love.

For those who are not sure how much they are loved by their boyfriends or how much they are cared for by their husbands,Silent Treatment tells it all!

If you ignore your boyfriend and he doesn't care,if you keep silent on your husband and he does seem to be  bothered,then you must know that you don't matter anything to him!!!

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