How Could This Justice Be Met? A Raped Victim In India Burnt To Death For Complaining?

Indian girl, 16, burnt alive after her parents complained she

The type of tradition practiced in a place determines the lifestyle and conducts of individuals in a place.

For example,there are cultures that don't accepts that girls or women can be raped except if the victims allow it to happen. In such cases,any girl or woman raped would serve the same punishment with the rapist for being raped.

In India,women are so cherished that when a woman gives birth to a female child,her husbands plants a beautiful flower to show that some thing very beautiful, a jewel is in his place.

In India tradition,women are cherished,honored and valued. This is one of the reasons Indians would not give their daughters in marriage to non indigenes,people who do not share their culture!

Rape is not a common crime in India but something worse than rape has taken its toe lately.

A young girl of 16 years was abducted and raped by some boys while her parent was away for a wedding.

When her parent returned,she told her story and they reported the case to the police.

The police arrested the suspects and asked them to pay 50,000 rupees as fine for their punishment.

Saying they are innocent and being hurt for the accusation,the suspects set the girl ablaze. 

"The two accused thrashed the parents and rushed to the house where they set the girl ablaze with the help of their accomplices," Ashok Ram,the officer in charge of local police told AFP News Agency.

It was not enough that a girl was raped.The suspects had to burn her alive to make sure she feels more pains because they were accused. How could this justice be met? Is this really happening in India of the whole world???

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