Have You Seen The Female Bankers Who Fought Dirty In Banking Hall? See More Reasons For The Fight!

But some men are simply bad,ugly and wicked! How could he sleep with two female bankers of the same bank and eventually opened a fat account with just one of them?

But even as that? Is it just enough for these ladies to fight this dirty with each other in the banking hall?  Did they not say they are working as a team? So why should they quarrel and even fight each other because a man,their client opened an account with one of them? 

Well,according to the story,one of the female bankers in one of the micro finance banks in Nigeria after sleeping with her client who requested she must do so before he opens an account with her bank introduces one of her closest colleagues to this client.

Behind her,that her colleague went to the same man to persuade him open the account with her instead of the formal lady. 

The man requested the same thing, her ''body'' and she gave it to him big time!

On finding out that the lady she introduced to her client went behind her and made her client open account with her got the formal lady crazy and of course she acted crazily:

Can't you see? They are not mature! 

It is very simple! When you find out that one of your colleagues betrays you in this manner,would the right thing to do not to report to the head of marking or your department?

Even if the department doesn't not act justly,wait for karma to do the job itself and it will.

Now,they have shown their more stupidity in a banking hall,disgraced and shamed the banking industry they are sure they would lose their jobs. And after that,would the money not still remain with the bank? And who is losing? The bank? Their client? The ladies?

Ladies use your sense!!!

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