Former Policeman Jailed For Raping A Drunk Woman.See More

Former policeman jailed after filming himself rape a woman

Evil is everywhere but it seems one is usually greater than the other. 

A woman got drunk and a former policeman saw her and decided to take advantage of her helpless situation.

The name of the man is Paul Rodgers,he is 29 years old.

When he saw the woman was drunk and vulnerable he quickly went down to her and make it look as if he was having the woman's consent to have sex with her and then raped her.

According to the woman who was drunk as at the time of the action,she said she thought it was her boyfriend whom she had been expecting to touch her that was present that very time. So,she willingly agreed and after everything was done,she woke up and discover in her consciousness that the man that had sex with her was someone else. Just how he came onto her she could not tell.

Meanwhile,the former policeman who took advantage of her made video while he was having sex with the woman and thereafter showed it to his friend after editing it.

The woman sued the man in court and the case proceeded.The man denied in the court that he raped the woman and claimed she gave him the consent to have sex with her.

It was then his friend who became a witness to the woman that the former policeman didn't even ask for any consent from the woman even though he made it look he did. He brought the video out and showed the court.

The court found the former policeman guilty of the charge and sent him to jail for raping a drunk woman,taking advantage of her!!!

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