Egyptian Radio Divorcee Reveals More Stigma Divorced Women Experience,Calls For Strong Support

Egyptian Radio Divorcee Reveals More Stigma Divorced Women Experience,Calls For Strong Support -Image result for mahasen saber

There is no really a place in African or Asian country where divorced women could go freely without facing any sort of stigma.

They are often seen as the bad ones,people with bad and awful characters who could not be or end well in marriage and all of that.

In Western world such as America,women know they have absolute right as men do to divorce and still walk freely without facing any stigma.

Even with her experience and exposure,a divorced woman from Egypt,Mahasen Saber is really facing a lot of social and economic stigma in her country Egypt because she is a divorcee. 

Mahasen also realize that divorced women in other African countries are struggling with the same problem. Then she created a radio program where some of these issues could be discussed to help divorced women get free of stigma,gain their ground and realize their potentials afterward. 

''I have a strong background from my experience and readings that a woman have the legitimate religious right to get a divorce. It is normal. The problem is not about divorce itself, it is about what happens after divorce.'' Mahasen said.

Among other objectives of her radio program is to provide psychological assistance for those who face challenges adjusting to their new status as divorcees.
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The needs of married and single women are also catered in Mahasen radio program to help married  and single women going through emotional pains and abuse in their relationships to realize their rights and not see divorce or opting out of abusing relationship as a crime or sin! 

''Of course we need (this radio). Instead of wasting our time discussing irrelevant matters, no, we have to highlight the important things. Women are not half of society, women are the entire society. She (the woman) raises the minister, police officer, engineer and the president. If she is psychologically stable and lives well, she will raise better generations,” said Shaimaa,a divorced woman.

According to a United States study in 2013,over 47 percent of divorced or separated women reported one domestic form of abuse or the other in Egypt.

Mahasen,a divorcee believes that women who suffer emotional and psychological pains and domestic abuse have the right to opt out and even get divorced without feeling or experiencing any stigma in society!!!

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