Dust Storm Kills Over 70 People In India Leaving Many Injured. See More!

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Yesterday night,the 2nd day of May 2018 has been so described as a night disastrous and deadly in India as great dust storm uprooted houses,electricity pylons and trees,killing more than 60 people right in their homes.

According to Sky News report,it was a high wind resulting from dust storm that has claimed more than 60 lives,leaving many injured in Agra district in northern India's Uttar Pradesh.

The report also says that some residents in the area were stricken dead by lightning, leaving not less than 150 animals dead.

The natural disaster did not only claim lives but properties and damages of electricity poles causing total light out in the area and will continue for more 2 days says the power authority .

As usual,the government of India has began relief work,restoring properties and giving treatment to injured. 

The Agra district of Uttar Pradesh which is a home to the Taj Mahal was one of the worst hit but the famous monument remains unshakable as it escaped damages ,says the news! 

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Hemant Gera,Rajasthan's Disaster Management and Relief Department's secretary says: 

 "Most of (the) 31 deaths and 102 injuries across our state were from three districts Alwar, Dholpur and Bharatpur."

Prime Minister Naranda Modi no doubt feels hurt about this ugly incident that claimed many lives of his subjects and their properties.

Naranda Modi sends condolences to the bereaved and their families and wishes quick recovery to those injured!!!

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