Does True Love Still Exist? Find Out!

True love is what everyone craves for because it lasts forever and never fades easily. It's not selfish, covetous or self centered, but the question of the day is :''Does it still exist?'' That's a nice question to ask because many things going around in the world today have made people abandon their true feelings they suppose to possess for their loved ones and love because of getting something in return. Wealth, ego, power and many other things have turned the minds of people around and have made them to throw away their true feelings because of their cravings for this things.

Let's look more deeply into this topic and see what we can get from it. In as much as all these things occur and we are faced with different problems we still need to understand that true love still exists, yes it does. The only problem is that it's now a bit difficult because there are other reasons too that hinder it and that's heart break.

 Some of us had our hearts broken by the one we truly love and this removed our trust from any other one that comes later, thereby not loving truly. 

Well,try and see life this way, no matter what you must have passed through there will always be someone out there ready to love you truly despite all odds. Don't suffer your next lover because of your past, especially when you find out he or she is the one for you.

Things to look out for in your partner to know it's true love 

1. Sacrifice
2. Not being self centered
3. Doesn't care the class you come out from, whether you're rich, average or poor.
4. Attention; A true lover will always call, text, find a way to see you always.
5. Will try as much as possible to make you happy

Please understand there's true love out there. The qualities listed above are the basic ones to look out for, love with your heart but still open your eyes to study the ones you want to give your heart to. Many have gone through terrible things trying to find love, but remember this true love will find you if you can be calm and wait for it.

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