Does True Love Exist Only in Movies?

Does True Love Exist Only in Movies?

When we talk about love, we think of different explanations and other thoughts also fly in. Sometimes we see and judge love by our past experiences and this experiences contribute to our explanation of love. This time around we want to talk about something a bit higher than love and that's true love. You might ask: What is true love? 

According to some definitions from the popular website known as Quora, true love is the one who forgets everything about him and when he sees you, he just cares for you even when he is in pain and worst circumstances of life.

This type of love isn't easy to come by, that's why we asked this question: Does true love exist only in movies? The answer is no. For the movies we see a lot of never dying love in romantic movies,although not only in movies perhaps you must have read yours from romantic novels, and we seem to have this belief that it's just fiction and it doesn't exist. You are right to think so, maybe because you must have experienced heart breaks or heard some heart breaking stories from friends and relations or even in the radio or read from social media websites, wherever you got your source from you are right.

Here's the real deal, there's true love out there, the love that occurs not for selfish reasons, like what the lover stands to gain which could be wealth, class or opportunities, am talking about the endless love. Most of the stories you watch in the movies are real life experiences and it was now brought in the movies, believe me true love is powerful and when you get to experience one you will feel it inside and don't take it for granted!!!

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