Can Your Appearance Really Tell Who You Are?

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There is no doubt that people are addressed by the way they dress. But have you noticed something these days?

Even many good girls now dress like wayward people on the street.

Why? Because they also want to be called ''sharp babes''!

Unfortunately however,these good girls would in no way escape the stains robbed in the bodies of wayward people.

Still the question: ''Can appearance really tell who you are?

You are a good girl from a good family background,well nurtured and morally brought up. But now you learn to dress like wayward girls out there!

To be sure whether appearance can really tell who one is or not,take a look at these questions:

Can wayward dressing which one wears make a good person to change to being bad?

If a good,moral person appears waywardly,can he also be influenced to act or behave waywardly?

It is very true that one is addressed the way one dresses,but does what people say about someone based on his or her dressing matter?

Can people tell the manners of someone or the kind of person one truly is by the way one dresses?

Can we finally say that appearance can really tell who one really is???

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