Can I Marry My Cousin Sister Or Brother? Countries That Support It

Can I Marry My Cousin Sister Or Brother? Countries That Support It

This is a question that goes in the minds of many guys out there: ''Can I marry my cousin sister or brother?''. We are going to break this topic down based on the beliefs, culture and morals of the society. Sometimes we get attracted to our cousin sisters, may be because she's too beautiful or has a decent character or she may be one of the best persons you have ever met, whatever maybe the case, you are being attracted to her.

As a Christian 
Christianity as a religion doesn't  speak against marrying your cousin nor approve of it. Most of the stories in the Bible such as the one of Abraham, he got married to his step sister Sarah and few other stories you can lay your hands on. Other religions too though I don't know much about them but I believe they didn't condemn it too. So many Christians out there don't support this but this goes beyond the belief on religious lines.

Some cultures and societal norms are against this practice and see it as a taboo while some encourage it and see nothing wrong with it. Let's take a look at some countries that support this:

France: The French see it as something normal and don't forget the country is well known as people that know how to practice love most.

Australia: This is another country that supports this and it's even legal by Law in their country. There are different cultures in Australia but they are very tolerant when it comes to getting married to one's cousin.

Mexico: We can't omit this country in the list of countries because it is a country that has the highest rate of cousin marriages in the world. It's legal there and it's also socially acceptable.

Pakistan: A Muslim country that also ranks among the highest number of marriages among cousins. To be precised, about 50 percent of marriages that occur in that country are between cousins.

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India: India practices so many different religions which includes, Christianity, Islam and Hindu, but that doesn't change much in them because they support marriages between cousins.

Egypt: They aren't left out in the list, though more of Muslims and partly Christians this country allows that fully. In fact, nearly all Muslim countries supports marriages between cousins.

Nigeria: Being the most populated country in Africa, Nigeria is full of different tribes and cultures, with the north being predominantly Muslims and the south being predominantly Christians. Some parts support marriages between cousins while some don't, but to be more precised most percentage of the country doesn't support it.

Here are some countries that don't support marriages between cousins: USA, China, Russia and few others out there. From my own personal perspective, I don't support it but am not against it either. I believe there are many men and women out there apart from your cousins to choose from so I don't see any reason you should limit yourself within your extended family relations.

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